One Sports + Entertainment ONE Sports + Entertainment Group focuses solely on the unique needs of professional athletes and entertainers. Professional athletes are very unique in that they earn nearly all of their lifetime income in the first third of their life, generally earn high income in those years relative to other professions and then have a very long time horizon in which to draw upon their savings.

Through many years of experience working with athletes and entertainers, we have developed a process that has proven successful in making wise decisions. These processes help our clients and their families maximize the probability of success.

In order to help our clients navigate a complex financial world, we follow The Pro’s ProcessTM and develop Our Playbook, which visually highlights the major components of the plan to be developed.

Challenges Unique to The Professional Athlete and Entertainer
  • A frantic schedule including constant travel over a period of several months of the year that leaves little time to manage personal finances
  • The need to access accounts globally
  • Growing complexity of your financial needs Opportunity to accumulate considerable wealth during a relatively short time span
  • Taxes in multiple jurisdictions
  • Maintaining multiple residences
  • Potential frequent relocation during your career
  • Post-retirement and secondary career decisions and training
  • Possible target of frivolous lawsuits
  • Possible target of cyber fraud or identity thefts