Our Process Our approach and strategy with each of our clients allows us to truly understand their objectives and determine the appropriate means to helping them with their retirment planning. After this initial stage, we are able to determine what the investment return demands are placed on the assets. That demand is then married with how tolerant they are of volatility in their accounts and overall portfolio.

When we put these two together, this forms the core of the investment plan. To maximize the effectiveness of the plan, we implement our proprietary private client investment service to each of the LAFD members who choose to work with us.
Step 1 Discovery Meeting Complete discovery process
Step 2 (One Week) Wealth Management and Advanced Plan Meeting Presentation of Wealth Management Plan Findings and Confirmations of Mutual Commitment
Step 3 (45 Days) 45-Day Follow-Up Meeting Organisation of Account Paperwork
Step 4 (Ongoing) Regular Process Meeting Review of Progress and Implement Wealth Management and Advanced Plan